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What separates NCI Sports from the rest? Over 40 years of personal and professional experience within the industry. From the start of the first Norco Gymnastics Camp in 1975, many different summer sports camps were formed, ranging from gymnastics to volleyball and more. In the fourth year of the camp, Brian Richmond, the camp's director, was woken up in the middle of the night to the news that his wife had gone into labor with their first child.  Several days later, Lucas Richmond, our current president, made his first appearance at the camp. Ever since, a passion for amateur athletic programs, camps, and events, was a part of life.

NCI Sports comes from a strong knowledge and understanding of the amateur sports world. We want to help you focus on developing lives and improving skills, and we have the background to handle the details. From sports camps to functional fitness facilities and amateur sports programs, we can take care of it all, because we have a first hand working knowledge of it all.

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